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Why choose us?

We are well aware that opening your own business is a very important life decision. Making such decision is not a matter of a single day. Many entrepreneurs before “going on their own” think about it for months or even years.

The first-time entrepreneur, instead of dealing with what is most important in the first stage, i.e. obtaining clients, drowns in formalities. Firma dla Każdego is a much better and more secure solution. See what we can offer you!


  1. Possibility to issue invoices without running your own company

When you work with Firma dla Każdego, you will be able to issue a VAT invoice to your client after the completion of the order by using the CRM system.

  1. Quick access to the earned funds

After issuing a VAT invoice, the contractor deposits the money into the Foundation’s account, and we immediately transfer it to you. Simple, isn’t it?

  1. Affordable monthly fee

The cost of monthly cooperation with Firma dla Każdego is 350 PLN. This is a very attractive offer. Just look at the scope of support (accounting, training, consulting, Social Security). In comparison, the monthly cost of running your own business is several times higher.

We work with the following industries:

a) Programmers/Graphic Designers

b) E-commerce/Dropshipping

c) Architects

d) Translators/Language Teachers

e) Musicians/Artists

We know that each field of activity differs in its specifics. You can count on our support 7 days a week. We will help you develop a strategy of action and step by step put it into practice.

  1. Fully remote cooperation

When you are just starting with your business, you do not have time for additional trips and meetings. With us, you will handle all the paperwork online or by phone. Fast and hassle-free.

  1. Minimum formalities – maximum benefits

We have reduced the number of steps needed to start cooperation to 15 minutes. Everything starts with signing a contract with the Foundation.

Interested? Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to tell you more about the terms and conditions of cooperation!

Programmers/Graphic Designers

Are you a programmer or graphic designer and want to start settling accounts with your contractors by issuing them VAT invoices then you have come to a very good place!


Do you want to deal with traditional or dropshipping sales on the Internet? Do you need your own company to do it? Come to us!


A company for an architect is a project that will allow you to settle accounts with your contractors by means of a VAT invoice. Check us out!

Translators/Language Teachers

Is your job teaching a foreign language or doing translations? Start settling your accounts with your contractors by issuing them VAT invoices!


Do you teach playing instruments, singing or play in a band? Do you want to legally run your business and issue VAT invoices to clients?


Need to issue a VAT invoice for your services? In our business incubator you will do it in the cheapest, fastest and easiest way.


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