To do so, you should apply to the Foundation via an application form, by phone or email. The first step in undertaking cooperation is to familiarize yourself with the information materials, Cooperation Agreement and Regulations. If the terms and conditions are accepted, the above-mentioned agreement is signed during a meeting at the company’s headquarters or by sending a signed scan of the agreement (remote mode).

No, the Foundation supports the activities of all people, regardless of their status (age, education, etc.). The only factor that may prevent cooperation is the sector being pursued. Excluded are, for example, the catering, construction and medical (including cosmetology) sectors.

The agreement is signed for an indefinite period with 1 month’s notice. The minimum period of cooperation is 2 months.

If you are a student and under the age of 26, then no matter what kind of venture you are running you do not pay Social Insurance Contribution (ZUS) or income tax (PIT). If you do not meet these requirements, and you create some works (results) as part of your venture, then top-down you are exempt from paying ZUS, because we pay out your profit on the basis of a specified task contract.

In the case of commercial industries (e-commerce, including dropshipping), your salary is paid on the basis of a contract of mandate, which, in the absence of student status up to the age of 26 or no other title to social security (employment contract or contract of mandate for a minimum of PLN 3010 gross), you have the obligation to pay ZUS and PIT on each contract of mandate, which costs 44%.

Yes. It will be the same form of cooperation as if you had your own company with the difference that the Foundation will be a party to the agreement, if one is required.

Invoices show not your venture’s but the Foundation’s registration information as the vendor. Contracts with your contractor are signed by the Foundation after prior analysis of their content by our lawyers.

The formal relationship you have with the Foundation is a civil law contract, under which you cash the profit generated within your company. You are, therefore, a person employed by the Foundation. It is possible to run a company under the Foundation with a partner, but the Foundation does not regulate mutual obligations between them.

When operating in the Foundation, you pay VAT (unless you enjoy a subjective exemption from VAT, such as language teaching or financial intermediation). In addition, you pay PIT (6% or 9.6% income tax, depending on the type of activity) and possibly ZUS if you operate in the sector that does not fall under a contract for a specified task, such as commercial (contract of mandate). If you are under 26 years old, you do not pay PIT.

The package of services includes the lending of the Foundation’s legal personality, accounting, legal consulting and tax consultancy, access to an office and a conference room in Warsaw, as well as business consulting within operating your business.

Yes, you shape your brand image yourself. The Foundation’s data doesn’t even have to appear on your website.

No, you can do it on your own at the Patent Office. If you have a problem with this, our lawyers can guide you through the process.

Yes, you will see your information details under the footer of the contract in the so-called Preamble, that is, your contractor knows that the actual executor of the contract provisions is you, not the Foundation.

All contracts with your contractors are signed by authorized persons on behalf of the Foundation, such as the Management Board.

Contracts are sent to our legal department where our legal staff reviews them within a maximum of a few working days, paying attention to the security of the Client and the Foundation. The package includes 2.5h of lawyer’s time per month, each additional 30 minutes are charged extra.

On the day you sign the Cooperation Agreement with the Foundation, you will receive access to the invoice system, where you issue invoices online.

All transfers in the banking system must be entered in accordance with the Foundation’s internal rules. Transfers are authorized by the Foundation upon receipt of all necessary documents (e.g., signed scans of contracts, VAT invoices, etc.).

No, the Foundation does not provide funding information and does not personally draft such applications.

Yes, they are mainly due to exceeding the allowable number of accounting documents, exceeding the limit of legal advice or due to payment of remuneration in excess of PLN 10,000 in a given month. All details are described in our Terms and Conditions, which you can read in the lower right corner of our website.

Acting in the Foundation, you can contribute to social and health insurance. Insurance in the Foundation depends on the type of services provided. The minimum cost of health insurance is PLN 49 per month.

Yes, we accept payment in cryptocurrencies. They are converted by e-payment service for PLN.