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issuing invoices without own company
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quick access to money earnt
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monthly fee only 350 pln
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dedicated, reliable service
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100% remote cooperation
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minimum formalities


E- commerce (including dropshipping)

Have you long dreamed of having your own store? Is selling products on the Internet what you would like to do seriously?

You’ve been reading about ways to increase sales, opening a store, and software to support it. You’re probably now up to date and more knowledgeable than people who set up store online just a few years ago.

Whether you want to run a traditional online store or dropshipping, you can do it in our business incubator. With us you will connect all electronic payments and gateways, such as PayNow.

Concerns of budding entrepreneurs

And yet, you haven’t started your own business. What is blocking you? We know well the problems of budding entrepreneurs. We used to start one ourselves. Back then there were two issues that effectively kept us up at night.

The first was that we were unlikely to attract crowds of clients in the beginning. And the second concern was cost. Running a business in Poland is not cheap. You need at least 2,000 pln every month to start. You have to pay Social Security, taxes, an accountant. And these are just some of the costs.

What can you do?

You don’t have to worry at all about not being able to manage your business. You don’t even have to set it up. All you have to do is apply to Firma dla Każdego. We are a business incubator. We work with freelancers who would like to try their own opportunities on the open market.

We provide training, consulting services, pay Social Security and take care of bookkeeping. The monthly fee for so much help is really small – only 350 PLN. By joining Firma dla Każdego you save time, nerves and money, and you still gain knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs. Check it out for yourself!