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issuing invoices without own company
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quick access to money earnt
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monthly fee only 350 pln
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dedicated, reliable service
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100% remote cooperation
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minimum formalities


Company for musician/other artists

Music is not only your passion, but you would also like to get involved with it professionally? Or maybe you work full-time and at the same time keep coming back to the idea of starting your own business? If so, see what the business incubator Firma dla Każdego can offer you.

We support all artists, including instrumentalists, singers, actors and all other creators.

Forget about high monthly costs

Running a business in Poland involves costs. Often people who don’t have their own business don’t even realize that these are such large amounts.

You have to pay Social Security, taxes, an accountant and sometimes to your employees every month. All this means that every month you should allocate at least 2,000 pln for company costs alone.

What can Firma dla Każdego offer you?

Our business incubator was created specifically to support budding entrepreneurs. For a small amount of money per month – 350 pln to be exact – we offer you help in paying your monthly obligations. We provide support in accounting and development of a business strategy.

It is known that everyone at the very beginning, has a lot of doubts. That’s why we offer you professional advice 7 days a week. Everything is done one hundred percent remotely, which is a big saving of time and money.

Thanks to us, you can issue invoices even when you do not have an established business. This is a big convenience for both you and your clients. You have quick access to the money you earn. We guarantee a minimum of formalities.

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