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issuing invoices without own company
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quick access to money earnt
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monthly fee only 350 pln
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dedicated, reliable service
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100% remote cooperation
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minimum formalities


Company for programmers and graphic designers

Are you a programmer or graphic designer? If you have already completed your first orders and feel that you would like to try out your skills on the free market, then you are in the right place.

At Firma dla Każdego we offer programmers and graphic designers the opportunity to run their own company on a trial basis. That way, you’ll know if you’re ready to conduct the business on your own. If you’re not, nothing will happen either. This is a new experience that will only help you improve your future business.

We provide services for programmers and graphic designers who work on a B2B basis with companies from all over the world. We guarantee a solution that will be much more profitable for you than running your own company.

High cost of running your own company

Starting a company when you are just at the very beginning of your journey is very risky. Every month you have to find money to pay a lot of fixed costs. Each month is a minimum of just over 2,000 pln. Freelancing has it that you don’t always manage to earn this amount. There are better and worse months. There are also delays in paying invoices by clients.

A favorable alternative

If you don’t want to expose yourself to such stress, then use the business incubator Firma dla Każdego. The fee for business assistance, training, taxes, Social Security, is only PLN 350. We also provide assistance in creating a business plan for the startup.

In the business incubator, as a graphic designer or programmer, you have the opportunity to issue invoices without setting up a business. Such a solution is much safer for you and your clients than settling by bank transfer or cash. Often such situations occur in the freelance market. Try to act differently and, most importantly, more effectively than others. Take up cooperation with Firma dla Każdego!