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Ikona 1
issuing invoices without own company
Ikona 2
quick access to money earnt
Ikona 3
monthly fee only 350 pln
Ikona 4
dedicated, reliable service
Ikona 5
100% remote cooperation
Ikona 6
minimum formalities


Other sectors

Are you a freelancer, but didn’t find your industry on our list? That’s nothing lost! A wide variety of professionals can work with our business incubator.

Who can’t operate in cooperation with Firma dla Każdego?

If you operate in the following industries:

  • Medical,
  • Cosmetology;
  • Catering;
  • Construction,

Then, unfortunately, we cannot offer you cooperation.

What does the Firma dla Każdego do?

In other cases, we have the following conveniences for you:

  • Assistance with monthly payments (Social Security, taxes, accounting settlements)
  • Consulting services (7 days a week)
  • Training (lots of practical and interesting information)
  • Very fast access to the money earned
  • Possibility to issue invoices without having your own business
  • 100 % remote cooperation
  • Formalities are reduced to the necessary minimum.
  • Monthly fee for all our support is only 350 PLN.
  • Lower income tax. It is 8% or 9.6%, rather than the standard 19%.
  • Establishment of a bank account.
  • Lending you our own legal personality.
  • Legal advice.
  • Possibility of using the office facilities of Firma dla Każdego.

How to start working with us?

As always, everything starts with the first contact. When you decide that you want to become our beneficiary, that’s when we sign the contract. It is clear and transparent. If you have any doubts, we can still clarify certain issues. The contract includes one month’s notice and is concluded for an indefinite period.

Interested? You already know what to do!