We offer medical care packages dedicated specifically to individual clients. The packages are a unique non-wage benefit. They provide free access to many medical facilities and sports facilities for employees.

What are the benefits of sports and medical packages?

Buying a sports and medical package for an employee allows them to take care of their health in many ways. We understand very well how important it is to combine regular examinations with physical activity and proper diet. Sports and medical packages make it all possible. In addition, medical examinations are used not only for prevention, but also to prevent the development of health problems already existing at a given employee.

A wide range of tests

The range of medical packages includes laboratory and diagnostic tests. We also offer consultations with specialists. For the convenience of employees, we have also introduced the possibility of online/phone doctor consultation. Thanks to this, a person with a medical package can very quickly receive help and advice without having to leave home. This saves time, but most importantly, health and nerves.

Why is it worth having a Multisport Card?

It is an opportunity to use many sports facilities in locations convenient for the employee. The Multisport Card provides employees with access to more than 4.5 thousand sports facilities throughout Poland!

The biggest advantage of the Multisport Card over a regular gym pass is that it offers many more sport disciplines. Employees is able not only to choose their favorite sport, but also change it if they find it doesn’t suit them. The Multisport Card also offers online sports. The following items are offered:

  • Yes2Move workouts;
  • Consultations with experts;
  • Diet Wizard;
  • Yoga course from the basics;
  • Yes2Move Store.

If you would like to learn more about the medical and sports package offers, then write to Firma dla Każdego Foundation! We will be happy to help you find the optimal solution!