If you are a foreigner, you are entitled to buy a medical package in Poland. However, you must meet a few basic conditions. Medical insurance is only available to those who have:

  • a temporary residence permit;
  • permanent residence permit;
  • a long-term resident’s residence permit;
  • enjoy international protection;
  • permission to stay for humanitarian reasons

What can be covered by an insurance for a foreigner?

Insurance coverage may include the following items:

  • medical expenses;
  • hospital stay;
  • death;
  • unfortunate accident;
  • civil liability in private life;

When, as a foreigner, can you benefit from health insurance?

This type of insurance is referred to in Article 25, section 2) item a) of the Law on Foreigners of December 23, 2013. Its purpose is to cover all expenses that may arise from a foreigner’s stay in Poland.

The insurance is aimed at people who need to return to their country for medical reasons, need urgent medical assistance, require immediate treatment in the hospital.

What distinguishes the insurance for foreigners offered by Firma dla Każdego Foundation?

Medical care is guaranteed not only in Poland, but can be extended to the entire Schengen zone countries. The policy covers medical expenses while staying in Poland, studying, working, including physical work. The shortest insurance coverage you can buy is 30 days. But you can prolong it later if necessary.

In addition to the basic health insurance policy, you can also buy unfortunate accident (NNW) and civil liability (OC) protection.

When is it required to have health insurance?

Health insurance is required at the Voivodship Office (or Office for Foreigners) to apply for a residence card. If you are staying in the Republic of Poland on the basis of a residence card, you are required to purchase medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros to cover medical expenses.