There are already more than one million immigrants and refugees from Ukraine in Poland today. Many of these people plan to stay in our country for a longer period of time. Therefore, their basic documents are needed. However, refugees who plan to leave Poland for other Western European countries after some time should have their personal documents obtained in Polish language to be translated into English.

Certified translations of official documents for immigrants – Polish language

Firma dla Każdego deals with the preparation of certified translations of documents for immigrants and refugees. We translate all kinds of official documents into English. Certified translations include a statement by the translator that the translation is consistent with the document presented to him or her, and bears the round official seal and the translator’s signature

When do you need a certified translator?

If you have come to Poland then you have to change practically everything in your life. Work, school, clinic. This is not possible without the appropriate documents. And they are required in banks, public offices, courts, educational or medical institutions. It is additionally necessary to translate them into the official language of the country to which you have emigrated, that is, into Polish. In order to apply for admission of a child to a nursery school or kindergarten, it is necessary for you to translate their birth certificate. The same applies to admitting your child to school.

It is also worth using our translation services if you want to work legally in Poland. Then it will be necessary to translate university diplomas, vocational courses or employment certificates. We can also help you translate documents related to vehicle licenses (driver’s license or registration certificate). Other official documents that we translate for foreigners include: testaments and last wills, marriage, birth or death certificates, as well as powers of attorney. We offer reliability and short completion time for each translation.