Administrative matters are a very complicated topic. It includes, among other things, legalization of residence of foreigners in Poland and their employment. We will provide you with adequate support during each visit to the office.

Assistance in specific administrative matters

Among other things, we will help you obtain a PESEL number. If you live in Poland, then you can register and then you will automatically receive this number. On the other hand, if you do not have the possibility to register, then we will help you apply for a PESEL number. This should be done at any municipality office.

In addition to the application for a PESEL number itself, you will need a document confirming your identity and the information you provide in this application. You can appoint us as your proxy, in which case we will be able to submit the application to the municipality office for your PESEL number for you.

Another matter that many foreigners have problems with is registering with the tax authority. We will help you in this matter as well. We will explain what documents you need to submit, and we will see to all official deadlines.

We will also assist you in obtaining a certificate of no tax arrears. It is necessary to start the procedure for legalizing your stay and work in Poland.

We also support foreigners in all official matters related to legalization of stay and work. We explain the legal complexities. We keep track of the status of ongoing cases. If necessary, we also take care of writing appeals or sending missing documents later.

Interpreter’s help in dealing with administrative matters

If you have just arrived in Poland and do not yet know the language, it will be very difficult for you to communicate with officials. That’s why we offer the assistance of an interpreter for each visit to an office. Thus, it will be much easier to deal with any administrative matter, clarify potential doubts and fill out the necessary documents.

If you need to settle any administrative matter quickly and without unnecessary stress, we encourage you to contact Firma dla Każdego!